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Catherine_BernierCatherine_Bernier Posts: 144 Handy
edited August 2016 in Programming
When programming, interacting with the operator can be useful and safer especially in a collaborative environment.
Just think about when the jigs are empty with no more parts available or when the operator needs to complete his task before the robot continues.

Universal Robots gives a really simple way to integrate popups to any program.

Here is a video demonstrating how to proceed:

The 3 different popup types simply have different icons in the window. In each case, the popup will make the robot stop and wait for the operator input.

Hope this helps!

Catherine Bernier, Jr. Eng. 


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,162 Handy
    If you do not want the robot to stop and wait for the pop-up to be acknowledged, its just a simple notification, you can set the pop-up to occur inside of a thread.  This will place the pop-up on the screen but does not block robot execution.  We use this when there is a message we want the operator to see but its not critical to the operation of the machine so we do not stop the actual execution.
  • abeachy_HG24abeachy_HG24 Posts: 79 Handy
    Lets say we have 5 different messages we want to display on the teach pendant, but we want a PLC to be the one controlling when each one is displayed. What is the best way to do this?

    Also, is there a way to have a button that is displayed on the run screen at all times and whenever an operator either has a question or needs help they can push that button which would tell the PLC to turn on a signal light?
  • Catherine_BernierCatherine_Bernier Posts: 144 Handy
    That's a good question! Let me loop in some pros: @Nicolas_Lauzier, @Grady_Turner, @matthewd92
    From your experiences, how would you do this?

    Catherine Bernier, Jr. Eng. 
  • Nicolas_LauzierNicolas_Lauzier Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 28 Crew

    If you want to use a PLC to send messages to the robot, the best way is probably to either use physical signals (digital inputs on the robot) or use the Modbus TCP protocol (on the UR robots, you have both a client and a server that you can use and some PLCs can use this protocol). The robot program can then monitor these inputs and trig a popup according to which input is set. The drawback is that you need to monitor this at one specific place in the program (once per cycle, typically). More programming is involved to get rid of this constraint.

    If you want to give the operator a way to send a message to the PLC, digital output or Modbus output bits can be used in this case also. It is possible to name these outputs and trig them manually in the I/O tab. However, the button will not be displayed at all time on the run screen and some operators may have difficulty finding the right place to trig the output.

    Nicolas Lauzier, Eng., PhD
    R&D Director
    [email protected]

  • abeachy_HG24abeachy_HG24 Posts: 79 Handy
    @Nicolas_Lauzier to monitor the status of those inputs, can that be placed in a thread?
  • Kaleb_RodesKaleb_Rodes Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers, Beta Tester Camera URCap 1.2.0-beta Posts: 62 Handy
    edited August 2016
    @abeachy_HG24 Yes, put them in a thread if you're planning on using the inputs to trigger a popup message without stopping the program. In addition, you can assign variables (in a thread) to equal the digital inputs and monitor their boolean values.
    Kaleb Rodes
    Applications Engineer
  • Grady_TurnerGrady_Turner Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0 Posts: 67 Handy
    @abeachy_HG24 @Catherine_Bernier @matthewd92

    Several applications we have been involved in have made use of the UR Dashboard server.  The above comments on digital and/or modbus I/O are all valid and will accomplish the task. But if there is a PLC in the system usually it is desired that as much control and "brains" lie in that one place.  This helps cut down on troubleshooting and is better organized.

    Most PLCs and HMIs have the ability to open TCP/IP socket connections and can send custom strings as part of the program.  With the UR Dashboard server you can enumerate and clear popups.  You can also control the robot entirely.  This may be something worth exploring if you want to keep your robot programs simple and focused.
  • ersoyersoy Posts: 3 Apprentice
    edited November 2017
    read_input_boolean_register(address) or write_output_boolean_register(address, value) ?
    Can I use this command with script in Profinet?

    I can send from the robot to PLC register bit, but I can not get from PLC to Robot, where is my mistake, Did you communicate with Robor and S7-1200 via Profinet?
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