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If you want to use a PLC to send messages to the robot, the best way is probably to either use physical signals (digital inputs on the robot) or use the Modbus TCP protocol (on the UR robots, you have both a client and a server that you can use and some PLCs can use this protocol). The robot program can then monitor these inputs and trig a popup according to which input is set. The drawback is that you need to monitor this at one specific place in the program (once per cycle, typically). More programming is involved to get rid of this constraint.

If you want to give the operator a way to send a message to the PLC, digital output or Modbus output bits can be used in this case also. It is possible to name these outputs and trig them manually in the I/O tab. However, the button will not be displayed at all time on the run screen and some operators may have difficulty finding the right place to trig the output.