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andrea_dincaandrea_dinca Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi all,

i Just bought a Universal Controller device for a 2f-140 Gripper, with the intention to control it from a Simens plc s7-1200.
I downloaded the GSDML file from Robotiq website. 
Issue nr. 1: Tia portal reject the GSD file because the filename can't contain 2 dates. (file name GSDML-V2.3-HILSCHER-NIC_2050-RE_20PNS-20140307_20181109.xml). I solved removing the "20140307_"
Issue nr .2: After importing the GSD, in the hardware catalog i found 3 different Hilscher devices with different versions. Can't figure out which one is the right one for my devices.
Issue nr. 3: I imported all of them. In the device configuration there isn't any register visible for the register number assignment.

Opening the xml file, i notice that all the 3 devices have a normal description for every register, but seems that something is wrong because tia portal can't read any of them.

Does anyone have another GSD file that might work?

Thank you all in advance for the help.



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