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bp1998bp1998 Posts: 1 Recruit
Hello. I am currently working on a UR5 robot arm with a Robotiq wrist camera, and I would like to evaluate the camera's output at certain points during the program run. When I'm running a simpler task, this is not a problem, I can check the camera in the "Installation" tab, and it works more or less real time. When I am trying to run the same code in a more complex environment (which uses subroutines and detects Visual offsets using the Robotiq code plates), the camera only gets refreshed whenever it tries to detect the visual offsets, meaning I only see frames of the code plates on it. Does anyone know why this happens, or what is a workaround to refresh the camera? If possible I would like to avoid using modules like "camLocate", since I dont want to use them to identify objects, which makes training the robot to detect object a completely unnecessary step.

Ps: I've also tried using "Save Image" node, which didn't help. 

Thank you


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 673 Expert
    Once a program is running with camlocate or visual offset the camera image is only refreshed when the camlocate or the visual offset image is taken. There is no way to change this.

    If you have no camera node in the program you may have the image in real time. It would need to be checked.
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