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LisaLisa Posts: 3 Apprentice
Dear UR Team,

I am working in a project in which I need to access a robot variable which is "robotDexterity" in section 3.2: Primary and Secondary Client Interface in the attached Excel sheet under the force package. The problem I am facing is the popup "force mode not possible in Singularity" and I would like to trigger this variable in order to act in real time. After research and trying some available codes, I couldn't find a solution for that. Do you have any idea or sample code (Urscript, Python, ..) to achieve this? Thank you very much in advance!



  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    Ur force mode does not work near singularities. Of you have robotiq copilot urcap, you could try to use our force node. It should not be affected by singularities.
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