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Malai_R_ProgMalai_R_Prog Posts: 7 Apprentice
Kindly share your answer 

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
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    Did you contacted cognex support team and check the manual of the camera ?

    UR has modbus tcp communication capability so you should be able to make it. I would recommend you review UR manual as well.


  • Malai_R_ProgMalai_R_Prog Posts: 7 Apprentice
    hi @bcastets @matthewd92,

              I communicate with Cognex via Modbus TCP client with UR. digital input, digital output, and register input are all connected, but register output shows green color. I enter a value it shows an e1 error. then I study the manual ( register output is  a write single register only )

    can we change write single register 0x06 to write multiple registers 0x10  

    cognex side I will check with qmodmaster software used. that time I put the value in write multiple registers I can't put the value in write single register. I asked the Cognex team they told me this is only in the write multiple registers.
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