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AhmadAhmad Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi, I am new to FT300 & UR programming.
 - I am able to run force function using script with the sensor set at "high when running-low when stopped" mode but having trouble to run URcap function without getting incomplete program (yellow node) and error message "Copilot license not detected. Make sure your license dongle is properly connected or contact Robotiq to get yours at [email protected]"  >> I suppose this due to the sensor mode? how to overcome and run the URcap functions?

 - At first I thought the URcap function need the sensor to be ON to complete the program (green node). So I tried ON the sensor -  program status can now completed but this error popup when running the program "Compile error: name 'ft_rtde_input_enable' is not defined >> I/O setup error? 



  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 652 Expert
    "high when running-low when stopped"  Could you precise what you do ? I am not sure to understand.
    Are you cutting the 24v of the ft300 during the executing of your program ?
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