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RemkoPrRemkoPr Posts: 4 Apprentice
Hello there, I'm a researcher in tactile sensing and make my own sensorized fingertips for integration on the Robotiq 2F-85 hand. So far, these fingertips have been battery powered, but I'd like to use the 12V/24V tool output from the robot. This is not possible while the Robotiq gripper is attached via the standard wrist mount. I had thus considered making my own wrist mount, thinking the 10 spring pins electrically connecting the mount and gripper are directly mapped to the eight pins of the UR3e's DIN connector. However, when setting the robot's tool output voltage to 24V (with only the wrist mount attached, not the Robotiq gripper) and measuring between spring pins 1 and 3 (img from Robotiq datasheet below), I'm not reading any voltage. When I attach a 8 pole DIN cable of my own, I can indeed measure the 24V tool output voltage. I'm thus led to believe that the Robotiq wrist mount does in fact contain additional circuitry, instead of simply connecting through the 8 pins from the robot's DIN. Can anyone confirm this? Is any information about this additional circuitry available so that I might still be able to make my custom wrist mount?



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