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Dan_HDan_H Posts: 1 Recruit
      I am looking for some advice for a reasonable cost enabling device that can attach to the teach pendant of a UR- 10 when
the task is a non-collaborative one for teaching and verifying programs. (payload is a sharp object, PFL cannot reduce risk to
acceptable levels at minimum settings) .   A more detailed description is below, Thank you for any help !

     We are using a UR-10 robot for handling sharp sheet metal parts, the nature of the parts makes it such that the thresholds 
for biomechanical limits in ISO-TS15066 are greatly exceeded even when PLF settings are at the minimum.  For automatic mode 
(Normal operation) we are using an existing enclosure and safety system (safety controller monitors  dual channel door switch chain,
 opens safeguard stop if chain is open).  Our risk analysis shows that if a person is to be inside the restricted area, we will require a 
3 position enabling device (deadman switch). This will require a selector that sets reduced mode, and switches the safeguard stop circuit to the 
enabling device in the place of the door switch chain).  

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 673 Expert
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    Do you know that UR have a teach pendant with 3 position switch integrated ? Maybe you should have a look.


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