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NathanRNathanR Posts: 3 Apprentice
I am dropping items into a tray and want to do this in a specific sequence. How would I include this in my program. Here is my current program. I am also having issues where my action, approach, and exit are still showing yellow as if they are undefined 

   Init Variables
     Gripper Activate
     Gripper Move60% (1&2)
       Pallet 1 Calculations
   Robot Program
       Pallet1_Action≔pose_trans(Pallet1, p[Pallet1_XOffset,Pallet1_YOffset,0,0,0,0])
       Pallet1_Appr≔pose_trans(Pallet1, p[Pallet1_XOffset,Pallet1_YOffset,Pallet1_ZApp,0,0,0])
       Pallet1_Exit≔pose_trans(Pallet1, p[Pallet1_XOffset,Pallet1_YOffset,Pallet1_ZExit,0,0,0])

Pallet1 is a predefined plane


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 653 Expert
    The program locks ok.

    Maybe you could remove the yellow color by initialling those positions in the before start ?

    Why don t you use the UR pallet node ? That would ease the programming.
  • NathanRNathanR Posts: 3 Apprentice
    Figured it out. The Palletizing program keeps running to points that are not the ones being called and has several bugs
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