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JamesLaBrecqueJamesLaBrecque Posts: 1 Recruit
How do I set this up? I am using the Inputs as a binary in my PLC and in the Robot I want to just look at a Variable and see the status of my first 3 Inputs on whether they are true or false. Example Var_1 is true if (CI0=True)and(CI1=False)and(CI2-True). I would like to do this to save on writing out a full If then statement every time with the combination of I/O. Any Ideas, New to this.


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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 643 Expert
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    The input of the UR robot are available through variables. It is in the pool down menu.

    As for the PLC you should check PLC documentation to see how you can communicate with it from the robot and retrieve IO status.


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