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venkatachalamvenkatachalam Posts: 2 Recruit
Hello All,

There is a UR10e robot with a robotiq 2f_140 attached to it. I recently updated the polyscope software version on UR10e, as we needed interpreter_mode which wasn't available in the older version (5.6). After upgrading until last week, I didnt face any problem in accessing the gripper from the robot. Last week, I removed the gripper from the robot and I had to test another gripper (from another manufacturer) and today I tried accessing the gripper from the robot, it is not working any more. For the first time after starting the robot, the blue light goes on. But when I try accessing the gripper from robot (in installation/URCaps/Gripper), the red and blue lights are glowing and I am not able to access the gripper. I updated the Robotiq gripper URCap file (from to, but the problem remains the same. So, I am using the old version of Robotiq URCap file again.  Is there a way to make the gripper work with the UR10e robot?


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 639 Expert
    Your gripper should wook fine with UR10e. I would recommand that you remove all URCAP which you do not use.
    I open a support ticket so that our team helps you to trouble shoot this.

  • venkatachalamvenkatachalam Posts: 2 Recruit
    @bcastets : I tried it, not working. I am getting an error for acessing the gripper. I tried with both URCaps file. The error remains the same.
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 639 Expert
    I see you are in contact with our support team. We should be able to solve this issue, please keep exchanging with them.
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