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ziga004ziga004 Posts: 13 Apprentice

I would like to report a bug I've found while doing the wrist camera course. If I try to click on the blue play button in the Visual Offset Presentation part of the course, nothing happens, the wheel just keeps on turning infinitely. Also, the video thumbnail link appears to be broken (upper left corner). I've tried Mozilla, Chrome and Explorer and I've tried deleting the cache and other data. I've also reported the problem to Wistia couple of weeks ago, by right clicking on the video and "report a problem".

Could you please provide a working link or an alternative to this one, beacuse I'm unable to watch the one crucial tutorial I need to fully take advantage of the camera's capabilities.

Thank you and kind regards,


  • FannyFanny Posts: 1 Recruit

    Thank you for reporting the bug. Everything seems to work fine now. If you still can't watch the video from the eLearning platform, here is a link to watch it on the Robotiq YouTube channel. 

    Thank you! 
  • ziga004ziga004 Posts: 13 Apprentice
    Thank you! Much appreciated.
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