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gauravbgauravb Posts: 9 Apprentice
I have a configuration where UR-5 robot is mounted with 2f-185 finger and FT-300 sensor. My task is to uncap a threaded cap. Since the last axis of UR robot is not having infinite rotation, after every 180 degree turn I am opening the gripper and moving up and going back to initial configuration and again repeating the same. Since the cap is threaded I need to move robot a little bit up along its tool axis after every turn so as to not to damage the gripper or cap. I have two options: One is to move robot a little up (along z axis of its tool) programmatically or setting the gripper (robot) in compliance mode along z axis. I am considering to go by option 2 as it looks more logical. Now I want to know how to achieve this? I have tried using FT mode but it didn't help or maybe I am doing something wrong. Please help.


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