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JustinJJJustinJJ Posts: 2 Recruit

Hey everyone,

I am an Intern at the University of Guelph and am new to the UR platform.

I am having difficulty with is setting a variable pose. What I mean by this is the following situation: I have a stack of X number of vertically stacked plates. The robot must start at position 10 and work its way down until it finds a plate. So the maximum number of plates is ten and the minimum is one. Once it finds a plate, it moves it to a certain location and then goes back to that position and down one, instead of starting at the 10th position again and working its way down.

I dont know which approach to take inorder to acomplish this task but I would greatly appreciate any help.

 -Justin J


  • JustinJJJustinJJ Posts: 2 Recruit
    Im not sure wheather to use the destacking functions or the depalletizing functions?

  • cobottiukkocobottiukko Posts: 17 Handy
    JustinJJ said:
    Im not sure wheather to use the destacking functions or the depalletizing functions?

    Hi @[email protected],

    I would recommend to use UR own Seek function with Destacking method. Destack method has build in feature and it will automatically go to above the position where last piece was found.

    I think this post might help you a bit: https://dof.robotiq.com/discussion/573/unstacking-using-built-in-seek-function-of-the-ur

    There is a but! If you are using finger gripper you might not have an IO signal which would give the result for Seek function where the product was found. Then you need to figure out something else to input as a rule. You could use for example built in force force function to seek the stack level. I have used it multiple times and it is pretty flexible way to seek!

    Hopefully this helps you to find an answer.
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