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benebene Posts: 6 Recruit

I am thinking about purchasing a Robotiq 2F-85 gripper. I would like to mount it to a UR5 robot arm from Universal Robots and control it via ROS2. At the moment I am using Galactic Geochelone running on an Ubuntu 20.04 computer and as soon as the next LTS version is available, I will upgrade to that one (Humble Hawksbill). I am not new to robotics nor ROS, but it is the first time I am using an actual industrial robot arm. So maybe I have overseen something. I have the ROS2 package from Universal Robots installed. So maybe the URCap is solving my issue?

I am wondering if there is an official ROS2 package from Robotiq that allows to control the 2F-85 gripper? I have seen the ROS Industrial repository https://github.com/ros-industrial/robotiq but it seems that it is no longer maintained what made me a bit worried. Furthermore, I would prefer native ROS2 support instead of using a ROS1 to ROS2 bridge.

Another question is if I have to connect the gripper to the UR's control box or if I can control it independently using ROS2 just by installing a RS485 to USB converter and plug the USB connector into my computer?

On top of controlling the gripper, I would like to simulate it using Ignition Fortress (successor of Gazebo) and perform motion planning using Moveit2. Are there official instructions from Robotiq on how to do that? If not, what would be the best way to go?

Thanks for your support.

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 674 Expert
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    Your post resume quite well the situation.
    We have 2 types of gripper couplings. One to connect the gripper to the controller via RS485/USB converter and another to connect the gripper at the wrist of eSerie. The version directly connected to the controller is probably the most flexible because you can both connect on the UR controller or the ROS PC.
    If you develop a ROS2 package place check it here so that other members of the community can contribute.


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