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zirbelsctzirbelsct Posts: 2 Recruit
My EOAT is a Robotiq 2F-85 Adaptive Gripper, and a Festo Air cylinder, mounted on the Robotiq dual gripper plate. I have the m8 splitter to allow the adaptive gripper to function, while (hopefully) using the Tool Input 0 on my UR10e to monitor a proximity switch on the cylinder.

I have everything wired, but the URCap seems to be blocking the Tool Input from updating. Is there anyway around this?

I have confirmed the proximity switch is wired properly, and have tried TI0 & TI1.  


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    I send this question to our our support team. We will contact you by email to discuss about this.
  • zirbelsctzirbelsct Posts: 2 Recruit
    The support team sent me an email to schedule a call but I have not heard back for 24hrs. In the mean time, I was able to figure out that the ACC-SPLIT-M8-2:1 must only use traces for 24V, GND, RS485+, and RS485- because I was able to bypass it and turn on the Tool Inputs. You would think for the price that they are charging for the splitter they would include the other 4 signals for the Tool I/O, but I guess not. It seems like I will need to make a custom splitter on a PCB
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