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rflorearflorea Posts: 3 Apprentice

My project includes ur3 robot, Robotiq Wrist Camera and Vacuum Grippers (2 cups) and the goal is to pick and place smartphones from the table.
At this point I use the camera to detect the phone (CamLocate - Automatic Teach Method) and the grippers to reach the phone and pick it up.
I tried several programs (robot program are written on the tablet) and came up with two questions. 

  1. How can I make the suction cups catch the center phone every time? -The TCP point should be in the center of the phone (In the current behavior after using CamLocate, the suction cups reach closer to the edge of the phone)
  2. How can I control the orientation of the suction cups? (phone is always picked up with the same orientation - the phone charging port would be in the same place every time)
I have attached a picture of the situation I want to reach. The suction cups in the center of the phone and the arrow always in the same position regardless of the identified and picked object (phone).

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you,


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 673 Expert
    I recommend that you have a look to our elearning video to learn how to make a pick and place with our camera.

    Pick place with a rectangle model:

    Pick an place with a custom model made from selected edges:

    If you want to manage the orientation you have to find a feature which indicate the orientation. I could be the charging port or the volume control on the side. It could be detected with a second camlocate.

    1/ You detect the outer shape of the phone
    2/ You take a picture where you expect to see the charging port or the volume control
    3/ Base on the result you identify the orientation of the phone
    4/ You pick the phone with the good orientation

    It is quite complex because a charging port or a volume control if not so easy to detect. Programming the pick with the information of the 2 camlocate is also quite advance.

    I will pass this topic to our coach team. Maybe they will have ideas to help.
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