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I recommend that you have a look to our elearning video to learn how to make a pick and place with our camera.

Pick place with a rectangle model:

Pick an place with a custom model made from selected edges:

If you want to manage the orientation you have to find a feature which indicate the orientation. I could be the charging port or the volume control on the side. It could be detected with a second camlocate.

1/ You detect the outer shape of the phone
2/ You take a picture where you expect to see the charging port or the volume control
3/ Base on the result you identify the orientation of the phone
4/ You pick the phone with the good orientation

It is quite complex because a charging port or a volume control if not so easy to detect. Programming the pick with the information of the 2 camlocate is also quite advance.

I will pass this topic to our coach team. Maybe they will have ideas to help.