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We have from time to time questions about people trying to read FT300S data stream at 100Hz which is the frequency of the stream.
They are often facing difficulties to read the stream at this frequency.

The capability to read the data stream at 100Hz depends on the communication hardware and the efficiency of the software use to decode the stream.

We have a C package with example of data stream reading but it is not so easy for beginners to assimilate this material:

(Check our support page if the link is broken: https://robotiq.com/support)

I create a python script which is able to read the data stream of the FT300S at 100Hz. The magic of python is that it make it very simple to make such things. I hope this will help people who wants to play with the FT300S for some advanced projects.

Check the python script for more details:

Comments inside the code will help you understanding how it works.


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