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sebastianreasebastianrea Posts: 11 Apprentice
Hi community :)

Universal Robots UR-10 CB3
I'm currently using the direction command to seek downwards for obejcts.
I currently have 2 untill-expressions, one that waits for a function to become true and one that stops the direction when a distance is reached.

Is it possible to also use the force command as an untill-expression?

For an example:
Direction: Base Z-
 - Untill expression Vacuum_OK=True
 - Untill force()<50 N
 - Untill Distance: 50mm 

When i right this in my program it seems like it jumps over these 4 lines

Is this possible or is there another way around

The program has to seek downwards towards an object
- When Vacuum_OK is true it has to move up Z+
- When the Robot tool detects force it also has to move up. this is to spare the robot
- Finally the robobt must never go further than 50mm in the Z- direction


  • schwaigerschwaiger Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
    Instead of force()<50 you'd have to use: "get_tcp_force[2] = currentForce" in a thread. The "2" in the bracket means you only want to store the force in the Z direction as get_tcp_force returns the standard [X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz] coordinate system.
    In the until expression you could then put something like currentForce < 50. 
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