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emile_emile_ Posts: 11 Apprentice

Is it possible to get the same trajectory with compute cartesian path as movep in the real robot with blend radius and how to add a blend radius ?


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    I would recommend that you check UR manual. There are details description about what is moveP and how works the bend radius.

    15.Basic program nodes > 15.5.1 Move > Movement types
    moveP moves the tool linearly with constant speed with circular blends, and is intended for some process operations, like gluing or dispensing. The size of the blend radius is by default a shared value between all the waypoints. A smaller value will make the path turn sharper whereas a higher value will make the path smoother. While the robot arm is moving through the waypoints with constant speed, the robot control box cannot wait for either an I/O operation or an operator action. Doing so might stop the robot arm’s motion, or cause a protective stop.
    15.5 Basic program nodes >  15.5.1 Move > Setting the waypoint > Blending

  • emile_emile_ Posts: 11 Apprentice
    thank you for your response, but i'm using moveit with ros ( compute cartesian path method). I want to have the same trajectory as movep with the blend radius in the real robot.
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    Sorry for this misunderstanding. Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with  ROS moveit to answer your question. Maybe some other members of the community will be able to help.
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