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emile_emile_ Posts: 11 Apprentice

I have a file which include ur5 pose (x,y,z rx,ry,rz) i want to simulate the trajectory with moveit (ROS) before sending it to the real robot (to know if the trajectory is reachable or not (singularity)).
Perhaps after converting to ros convention (axis angle to quaternion and verifying the axes).
Some points are not reachable with moveit but in ur5 polyscope are reachable.( I USE movep to send points with a,v,r parameters)
Does anyone have the same issue?
which planner to use ? and how to add these parameters ?


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 476 Expert
    I am not familiar with UR ROS package but maybe this package manage the singularity ?

    You could maybe use the URSim to check if a pose can be reached by the robot ?
  • emile_emile_ Posts: 11 Apprentice
    Yes i'm using this package, to test i use URsim (load a function which include a list of points using movep). In some cases poses can be reached and other not (but in ursim it can reach these poses ).

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