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LoïcLoïc Posts: 34 Handy

I have an UR10 which have a strange behaviour. In a MoveJ, between point A and point B, it goes quite slowly (around 15% speed) and on the last 10cm it accelerates to finish the movement (around 80% speed).
It act a little bit like there was a safety plane and it was passing from reduce to normal mode. But I checked the two planes of my applications, even disabled them and nothing change.
This behaviour appaers in normal and reduced mode. Reading a program and moving the robot by pressing "Auto" button going from point A to point B and even when I'm leaving point B to point A (fast at the beginning then slow)
I'm limited in speed at 1000mm/s in normal mode, but when I pass it to 5000mm/s (maximum), this strange behaviour doesn't seem to appear.

Does someone have an idea of the origin of this behaviour?

I have UR Software


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