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bcastets said:
It looks like Waypoint_1_p and Waypoint_2_p coordinate should be in the frame of p[-.133299999831, -.49189999999672, .332900000454, 2.221441469414, -2.221441468745, .000000000935].

The pose_trans(p[-.133299999831, -.49189999999672, .332900000454, 2.221441469414, -2.221441468745, .000000000935],Waypoint_1_p) transfer Waypoint_1_p coordinate from p[-.133299999831, -.49189999999672, .332900000454, 2.221441469414, -2.221441468745, .000000000935] frame to base frame.

The resulting base frame coordiante are use as relative coordinate in Plane_1 frame.

maybe the programmer wanted to recover some offset waypoints ??
Hi bcastets!

Yes, you are absolutely right. I understand the meaning of these pose_trans functions. But it is not clear where this pose and its value p[-.133299999831, -.4918999999999672, .332900000454, 2.221441469414, -2.221441468745, .000000000935] are generated from.

This can be generated by the get_actual_tcp\get_forward_kinematic method?