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Ruben_SpeybrouckRuben_Speybrouck Posts: 18 Apprentice

I recently took over a position at siemens energy and we have two idle ur5e robots with gripper and wrist camera. I know nearly nothing about them. I have played a bit with the simulator, but nothing more. I am a python programmer and data analyst. 

What I would like to do, is send positions back and forth from the robot to a python program, as well as images from the wrist camera in real time and IO and gripper input/output. I figure I have to connect the robot to a computer or raspberry pi over ethernet cable? 

I see there is an urx python lib, i have heard mention of 'RTDE', i see people using modbus libraries etc. 
What is, in 2021, the recommended approach to achieve what I want? 


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