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meeksymeeksy Posts: 13 Apprentice
I need some help here.  I have installed a new robot onto a machine and was teaching the points.  When I powered down the robot and went to go to that waypoint the base of that waypoint had moved way over!  I tried this again with several different waypoints and all of them did the exact same thing.  I haven't seen this problem before as I have about 8 of these robots running.  Does anyone have any ideas what im missing here?  Thanks.


  • meeksymeeksy Posts: 13 Apprentice
    This is a UR 10 e-series robot running the 5.9.3 version. 
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    Could you share screenshot of the parameters of the move node and a screenshot of feature in the installation menu ?

    If you make waypoint relative to a feature and if the installation file is not save when you shutdown the robot, you may lose the reference feature point.
    In this case, I imagine that it is possible to all move node which were using this feature change to base feature.

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