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bumobumo Posts: 1 Recruit
Dear all,

We installed our IRB120 out of the box and it is ready to be moved with the flexpanel. But the robot came without a gripper and we got a pneumatic gripper from another source. Now we want to intergrate it with out robot to get it running.

- Which I/O Ports should be used on the RC5 to phyicically connect to the pneumatic valve controlling the gripper?
- Is it better to have one I/O for controlling the gripper (High=closed, LOW=open) or should we use two IOs instead?
- How do we write short routines "open gripper" and "close gripper" from the flex panel? Basically it should't be more than setting the IO high or low as our gripper has no sensoric feedback at all.

Any kind of short example program is hilghly welcome as starting from scratch by reference manuals is very hard.



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