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carlosgcarlosg Posts: 1 Recruit
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I am trying to communicate a UR5 Cobot with a Panasonic PLC using Ethernet/IP. I have followed this guide (which is written for Allen-Bradley PLC) and managed to use the 

function to send an integer from the robot program to a register in the PLC. However, I am not being able to read information from the PLC into the Cobot. In order to test this, I am writing some values into the PLC registers from my computer and having a Loop function in the Cobot run the function

a := read_input_integer_register(LoopVar);

with LoopVar going from 0 to 47, which should be all the integer registers. However, the value of "a" never takes the values I wrote into the PLC from my computer. What is even more strange is that in the address 27, "a" takes on the value "33", which I did not set up and can't see anywhere on the registers. 

Anybody have experience with Panasonic PLC and can help me with this?


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