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chriskearsleychriskearsley Posts: 15 Apprentice

Ok on our program cam locate, we have a pop up for the action no parts found, giving the user either to stop the program due to batch finished or to continue.
Reason for it the user will have to place another tray to pick parts from if the batch isn't finished.

But once we invoke continue after replacing the tray it just carries on from where when program stopped.

How do I loop it back to the cam locate, without adding another cam locate

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  • MattFanguyMattFanguy Posts: 2 Recruit
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    My programming instinct is to think a while loop could be an easy fix for this.

    If you nest your Camera locate node inside a while loop that loops so long as a certain flag is still True, when your camera locate node fails to find anything you can have it ask the operator a Yes/No Assignment. Their answer will be checked with an If statement, and assign the flag True/False based on that input from the operator.

    I drew up a very rough example of what I'm describing. I don't have the Wrist Camera URCap in my URSim, so I just have some comments as a placeholder. The "var_2 assignment" and the "If statements" would nest inside the Camera Locate's "no objects found node".

    There's most likely a much more elegant way to achieve this, but I think this should get you the result you're looking for.


  • chriskearsleychriskearsley Posts: 15 Apprentice
    We are trying to edit the original cam locate for a different size part to create another program for a different size part, but it won't let us edit the approach point they are locked. And when we unlock it it creates a new waypoint. The reason for it, is we trying to find a way to easily and quickly create another program using our base program as reference, due to the nature of how many different sizes will be going through this operation we need to quickly program new parts on the fly.
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