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LukexLukex Posts: 3 Apprentice
Hi, I need your help.
I bought a UR10 3 years now, but for a long history it just came out of the box now,
and despite the fact that I move well with Linux, I'm new to programming.
Let's move on to the problem:
Ur10 updated to the latest version,
I have to wind some three-phase brushless stators out runner,
can anyone get me an example script of at least one of the three stages?

I try to put some information of the stator:

• External diameter ø 34.50mm
• Internal diameter ø 17.50mm
• External circumference 108.00mm
• Internal circumference 55.00mm
• Number of shoes/wraps Nr.09
• Number of Coils per shoe/wrapping Nr.14
• Wire diameter ø 0.45mm
• Layering 0.50mm
• Winding needle dimensions H =4.0mm L =1.0mm P=8.0mm
• Coil height 22.00mm(vertical stroke)
• Coil width 12.00mm angle 30° (horizontal stroke)
• CCW Winding Rotation
• CCW phase rotation direction F1=1.3.6 F2=2.4.8 F3=5.7.9

Please ask if you need more information.
Thank so much and sorry for the bad english

UR10 + RG6 + S300mini

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  • LukexLukex Posts: 3 Apprentice
    Answer ✓
    I try to explain better where I get stuck,
    each coil is formed by four movements that form a rectangle that turns in CCW,
    I did this.
    On the wrist I placed a bracket with the needle holder where the copper wire runs:
    Waypoint1 vertical movement from top to bottom with angle 5°
    Waypoint2. Horizontal movement from left to right with an angle of 5°
    Waypoint3. Vertical movement from bottom to top with an angle of 5°
    Waypoint4. Horizontal movement from right to left at 5° angle

    And while we are,
    now I have to set the number of turns and loop 14 should suffice
    but it must also stratify so at each turn the lake must go forward or backward by 0.5mm
    and here I just can't figure out which is the best solution,
    can someone kindly give me a tip?

    Thanks again

    UR10 + RG6 + S300mini
  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,261 Handy
    edited January 2021 Answer ✓
    You can use the pose_trans function to modify the 4 points you taught by the offset that you want to use. For instance

    #The following 4 points are taught and stored as Waypoint
    local WAYPOINT_1
    local WAYPOINT_2
    local WAYPOINT_3
    local WAYPOINT_4

    #This is where we will modify the results and loop
    local i=0
    local j=0
    local totalLoops = 14
    local offsets = [0,-0.5, 0.5] # offsets in mm's

    while (i<totalLoops):
        local offset = offsets[j]
        local point1 = pose_trans(WAYPOINT_1, p[0,0,offset/1000,0,0,0]) #This assumes that moving the tool in the Z-direction is the correct offset direction
       local point2 = pose_trans(WAYPOINT_2, p[0,0,offset/1000,0,0,0])
       local point3 = pose_trans(WAYPOINT_3, p[0,0,offset/1000,0,0,0])
      local point4 = pose_trans(WAYPOINT_4, p[0,0,offset/1000,0,0,0])
      moveL #Assuming that you use Polyscope moveL node, not script
      if (j==3):
    #Now do whatever you would do next

  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,261 Handy
    Answer ✓
    @Lukex hopefully that answers your questions.
  • LukexLukex Posts: 3 Apprentice
    Answer ✓
    Thanks Matthewd92 for your kind help,
    I try tomorrow

    thank so much

    UR10 + RG6 + S300mini


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