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We have from time to time the people who ask if it is possible to add the Robotiq UR sanding kit on TM robot.

On the mechanical side, the difficulty is that the camera should not enter in collision with the sander.
On the software side it is not possible to use the force control function of Finishing Copilot on TM. It is only possible to use the force control function made by TM.

With all pin aligned the sanding kit cannot be mounted on TM robot. As the can see on the following CAD the camera enter in collision.


Even if the pin is not aligned the collision is still present.

On possibility would be to use an adaptive plate to offset the flange of the robot. The adaptive plate AGS-APL-173 (Wrist Adapter Plate S-173) can be use however it is not possible to align the pin. The mount the FT300 coupling on it. As the FT300 coupling for TM does not fit for the adaptive plate it is necessary to adjust the AGS-APL-173 a black coupling.

Necessary items to make this integration would be:
  • SAND-CB-UR-KIT Sanding kit for UR cb-series
  • AGS-APL-173 (Wrist Adapter Plate S-173)
  • FTS-300-CPL-BLANK Coupling for Robotiq FT300 Sensor Unit BLANK
  • ACC-ADT-RS232-RS485 485 to 232Converter


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