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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 674 Expert
What is your robotiq integration experience on Franka Emika Panda?
Here are some information gather form our customers.

The bolt pattern of the robot is DIN ISO 9409-1-A50:
  • PCD: 50mm
  • Screws: 4 x M6

I don't see that much information about the robot controller capability and embedded and effector communication capability on the web. The OEM should have more detailed documentation. My understanding is that the robot controller is mainly use to control the robot itself. It is not really made to connect accessories it. I may be wrong !

The robot controller have to be connected on a PC on which is install a software to control the robot. The communication is done via TCP/IP protocol. The specification sheet mentions some options to manage Modbus/TCP and Profinet. I am not sure about what is possible with those connections.

Franka Emika Panda support ROS. An example of gripper control is available on Github. In this case the connection is done via USB to a PC. It is mentioned in the description that a universal controller have been used in this example but a simple RS485/USB converter should do the job:

Also Robotiq provide ROS package to control the gripper:

The same equipment use from an integration on UR CB Serie robot seems to be necessary for such integration:
- 1 x End-Effector Coupling Kit
- 1 x 10 m Robotiq device cable
- 1 x USB to RS485 adapter

As in the gripper integration example the connection is done via PC USB there is no need to use a universal controller.


  • DBartonDBarton Posts: 10 Apprentice
    Has any progress been made on this robot brand to integrate more smoothly? I do not see Robotiq listed on their website so I assume not.
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 674 Expert
    You could ask the question to franka team but i think options to integrate our gripper remain the same.
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