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Have you ever integrated Robotiq gripper on Fanuc CRX ?

I would like to share with you some work done by Fanuc US team.

They made an integration using the Karel routine attached to this post.

Here below are the comments of the developer who made this integration:

Robotiq_cmd.pc takes 3 arguments, arg1 is position, arg2 is speed, arg3 is force.  Each should be an integer values 0-255 (0 is open/minimum, 255 is closed/max).  Currently this is open loop so there is nothing that listens for a status from the gripper after the command was sent. 

Verify these in the System Variables:
* You need to update $TLIF to get voltage to the EOAT.  Set $TLIF.$POWER_VOLT[1] = 2 for 24V supply.  Power cycle to apply it.
* Set $TLIF.$BAUD_RATE to 3
* Set $TLIF.$DO_MODE[1] and [2] = 0
* Power cycle. 

The connection is made using modbus RTU at the wrist.

The bolt pattern of Fanuc CRX is same as UR: 
50 mm PCD with 4 x M6 threads

Our eSerie serial coupling (GRP-ES-CPL-062) can be used to make the connection at the wrist. Connector and pinout match Fanuc CRX.

Please share your integration experience on this post !


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