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mamaramamara Posts: 3 Apprentice

Anyone has some experience with vision system 2D locating many parts and sends the x,y, Rz of each one to a robot, those coordinates will be used to move the robot frame to that position and all the positions will move respectively
The issue is that the more the Rz has a big value (like 90 degrees) the more the positions are off, I think that the origin of the parts found doesn't seem to be at the center of the part. This is not a pick & place application, actually it is a Dispensing one and the accuracy is important
If you have any experience with vision please share it with us

Best regards


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 237 Handy
    I have no experience with Cognex but it looks like something our Robotiq wrist camera can do.

    Here below is a post with a demo I recently did for a customer who have a glue dispensing project for transmission casing.

    Here is another video:

    You can find ore detail about our wrist camera on our website:

  • mamaramamara Posts: 3 Apprentice

    Thank you for your answer, but you should now that I need to detect about 60 small parts, and then apply gluing arround each one, 

    Also, you can see on the second video, I have exactly the same issue, you can notice that the first time the robot followed the path, it was perfect, probably because the teaching was done at that position, but as soon as you involve rotation, you see that the robot is not that precise and the part moved by the tip of the tool

  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 237 Handy
    Indeed managing 60 different parts will be complicated. At the moment in one program we can manage about 45 different parts.

    The precision of the path positioning should not be affected by the rotation of the part.
    However the accuracy of the object localisation may have an effect.
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