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DBartonDBarton Posts: 10 Apprentice
I would like to use the wrist camera to verify part position, orientation and presence in a depalletizing program. What would the most convenient way to do this be? I have played with it a little and I'm trying to figure out how to carry my snapshot pose to the next part position. The idea is for the robot to come in nice and close, take a picture of just the one part, define position and orientation and then pick and place to a fixed location. If no part is present then just move to the next position. Any programming sample code would be great. I feel like this is a fairly common use case.

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  • DBartonDBarton Posts: 10 Apprentice
    edited October 2020
    I seemed to have found a decent solution.

    I am using the depalletize template in the UR but only to get me to a new camera position at each part. I then update my snapshot pose variable to my current position and then insert the cam locate node below the palletize node and move relative to my updated snapshot pose variable. 
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