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@tylermartin Just wondering if you can modify your mounting plate for the grippers to make it same center-to-center distance of the bin cases (1 and 3 for example)?

So, on point (1), you would have your grippers aligned with the pocket 1 and 3. Then you can program point (2) and the grippers would be aligned with pocket 2 and 4... etc.

Only a suggestion. What is your actual center distance between your pockets?
no we cant because the same grippers run an assembly fixture for another part. We are just trying to use the setup we have with the least amount of modifications and no changeover because they run one part on day shift and another part on nights.

The centre distance will probably actually work out because it's 10 3/4" centre op pocket 1 to pocket 4. So I could just set 3 points per row, and set up 5 rows.