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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 674 Expert
I see several users trying to control a gripper or a force sensor connected to UR robot controller from a ROS PC with our ROS package:

Our ROS package is made to work with device directly connected on PC USB port. Going through the robot controller require some custom solution.
Several solution have often discussed:
  • Control device by sending UR script via UR client interface
  • Use UR RS485 URCAP
  • Send XML command to Robotiq URCAP server
  • ...
I never tried but it may be possible to mount UR robot USB over an IP network on a ROS PC. I saw some solution on internet to make this kind of mount:

If UR robot USB can be mounted to the ROS PC then it is possible to directly use our ROS package without further customization. That could be a good option.

Please let me know your feedback if you already experience this solution.


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