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BBellBBell Posts: 17 Apprentice

We are attempting to upload script files to our UR5e. We have tested sending script files before and everything has worked thus far except for when we tried to send a program with a cam locate node. The UR is equipped with a Robotiq Wrist Camera and a Robotiq 2F-85 Gripper. The program is suppose to locate a board, then locate a part, pick up the part then place it onto the board. This works just fine when being run from the teach pendant. When we upload the script file to our external PC and try to send it to the UR, the UR will move to its snapshot position then give a pop up error saying:

"XMLRPC: Failed with error code 2: unkown function: findmodel"

The file was all created on the teach pendant using the polyscope and the each object functions. Is this a common error? What might be the cause and how can we fix it? Thanks!


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