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tangkai2 said:
My current set up is that I have a computer solely dedicated and connected to the UR3 Robot with the Robotiq Gripper and I am controlling it from an external computer that is connected to the robot's computer via ethernet cable. I am currently using ROS Melodic to control the robots movement but I'm unable to control the gripper through ROS and C++. I've previously used python URX and was able to control but the gripper but due to our current application we are trying to transition from Python and URX to ROS-Industrial and C++. I've looked at multiple forums and tutorials and they indicate mostly using Python or Modbus protocols which requires direct USB connection to the ROS machine. I was wondering if there are any guidance or code examples that may achieve this.

I am trying to control the 2f gripper by using urx and python, you said you did it successfully, could you please tell me which packages did you used?