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james77james77 Posts: 10 Apprentice
I am an intern of my company and dealing with UR robot for robotic welding. I'm quite new to URscript, so I am currently using Visual Studio Code and API reference to learn the script and syntax, but the extension for Visual Studio Code is not providing compilers/debugging tools. I'd like to know how other people are practicing and simulating their scripts.

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  • james77james77 Posts: 10 Apprentice
    jelms said:
    The biggest jump for me was using the off-line simulator virtual machine link.

    That makes it much easier to directly at some of the internal logs. I've been meaning to write up a more in depth debug tutorial. What robot series and version are you using? Maybe I can use that version to step through the steps.
    I'm using UR 10e with 5.8 polyscope
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