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jelms said:
The biggest jump for me was using the off-line simulator virtual machine link.

That makes it much easier to directly at some of the internal logs. I've been meaning to write up a more in depth debug tutorial. What robot series and version are you using? Maybe I can use that version to step through the steps.
I'm using UR 10e with 5.8 polyscope


We use Vidual Stidio code and the extensions from Ahern Guo for all our syntax highlighting and API references including any custom functions you write. 

We also have built out some open source tools for testing scripts against unit tests as well as executing scripts using a script runner tool. You can read more about those tools here

If I need to see the execution graphically for some reason then I’ll use the UR Polyscope simulator running in a virtual machine on my laptop.  I find with the tools above that it’s rare that I need to use the full simulator.