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KasemKasem Posts: 8 Apprentice

I have an issue with the UR3e robot cable , its only 6 meters long and our application requires about 8 to 10 meters cable long between the Robot Arm and the controller box 

-UR  said they didn't specified cable extension instructions for e series ,and they don't know when as its still in R& D
-I have been searching and found that Phoenix contact M23 hybrid connectors are used in the Robot cable , and the cable has 6 wires  2 *(+48V & Gnd) + RS485+ & RS485- 
-about the wires cross sections i couldn't find it , as we don't want to get into the issue of voltage drop and communication loss

-Could anybody that has managed or tried to extend the e-series cable please help me with their experience ?
- and if there any company (automation solution supplier, panel builder )  that can help with this  ?

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