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jsumaracjsumarac Posts: 5 Apprentice
Hi I'm working on a UR5 robot with a FT300 sensor. I made a simple program with a Multipoint Path inside a Force Control node and I collected the data from the sensor using your StreamToCSV program. Now I want to collect the data from the robot itself using the get_tcp_force() function and compare it with sensor data. I want to send that data to a PC via TCP/IP socket communication. So I wrote a thread that does that, but when I start the program the robot shuts down and a safety message C4A1 appears. I will attach my script here. Is there any other way to collect the robot data? I wanted to have continuous data so that's why I wrote this code in a thread but maybe there's another way to do it?


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 673 Expert
    Not sure if it would help but you could try to add a sync() or a wait some time between each information you send in the thread.
    It is possible that the communication is overloaded.
  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,267 Handy
    As @bcastets stated you need a sync() command in your thread if you do not have one. This will allow the thread to stay in sync with the main robot control thread. 
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