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jensssjensss Posts: 23 Apprentice

I'd like to take screenshots of my teach pendant.
I tried to connect a keyboard to it to make a print screen but no result.

I have also seen that there is a magic folder to take screenshots on the website of universal robot itself.

but I can't do this. Either I'm doing something wrong.

How else can I take screenshots of my teach pendant?

thank you in advance
Kind regards
Jens Denys


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 673 Expert
    The UR magic file is suppose to work. You just have to put the magic file on a USB, plug the USB on the robot and after few minutes the picture should be same on the USB key. You need to remove and plug the USB each time you want to take a screenshot.

    I know there is a why to use the screenshot key as you did. I don t remember how it works.

    The robot is running on linux so you can also take a screenshot with any appropriate linux command send to the robot.

  • jensssjensss Posts: 23 Apprentice
    if I put my usb in the cobot with the magic file.
    Then there will be USB! in the big and red color. But if I remove my usb 5 minutes later there is no screenshot on it.

  • jelmsjelms Posts: 34 Handy
    Did you wait until you saw a green <- USB?

    If it never gets that far, then maybe something in the script is failing.

    Personally I'd ssh into controller and do it on the command line. The magic zip file includes the import binary and has a script that calls Magick import.
  • jensssjensss Posts: 23 Apprentice
    I waited 5 minutes and it doesn't appear in green.

    as a script code then?

    In attachment you will find the 3 files that are present in the document magic folder.
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