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Lukas97Lukas97 Posts: 4 Apprentice

I want to control the Hand-E as well as the UR3e via ROS and unfortunately I don't have that much experience yet.

To control the UR3e I downloaded the Universal_Robot_ROS_Driver and activated the headless_mode. So I can control the arm. However, I have problems with the simultaneous control of the Gripper. I tried to send the Gripper.script for the gripper to the robot with following python script:

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect((self.host, self.port_gripper))
f = open (self.target, "rb")
l = f.read(1024)
while (l):
   l = f.read(1024)

But since the ur_robot_driver is currently running, the ur_robot_driver loses connection when sending the file to control the gripper and I can not control the arm anymore without restarting the ur_robot_driver. So how can I control the Hand-E?

Is there any way, that it could work this way, or do I need to get a long cable from my computer to the Hand-E? Or can I somehow do the Gripper controlling with the Universal_Robot_ROS_Driver?



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