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@BlueSkyMast there are no built-in time functions within URScript. One way you could do that is to record your part counts to the logs using the textmsg() function. The function allows you to insert two parameters so you could have something like 

textmsg(“Part(s) Made “, numOfPartsMade)
The messages would be time stamped with the exact time that they are sent to the log. You could use those time stamps to track when the parts are made. 

You could then use these tools to monitor the logs, you would get automatic backups of all the files including logs and could then extract that data from them.  Analytics are coming shortly and would allow you to see custom analytics in the mobile app which would allow you to track your production. With the release that came out yesterday you can now also see in real time all the variables in your program, status of the built-in IO and streaming logs. You can also see in the app when the robot is playing, paused, stopped, or powered off. 


Thank you again Matthew!