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We here at Hirebotics use a lot of tools to make sure that we are producing the best quality code we can to run on our robotic workers.  We have been working for a while now on a suite of tools that allow us to quickly produce, test and distribute code to our robots.  As of today, these tools are now being open-sourced and are available for anyone to use.  To find out more visit the project at

One of the really cool tools we just recently developed is the ability to run a single script file without needing to load it onto a simulator or actual robot.  Just using the terminal on your computer or the integrated terminal in your IDE you can now execute script files locally.  This is great for finding out what a function does or even simply testing to make sure that the file compiles before moving it to the robot.

We look forward to hearing from the community about this project and how it helps you develop better robot code faster.