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jensssjensss Posts: 23 Apprentice

For my thesis I should be able to do the following. no idea if this is possible.

Our robot is soldering components. The person should indicate the different points. If the points are indicated manually, not every point is set at the same height. That is why it is not the same distance to go from the point above the component to the point where soldering is required. this makes it difficult to pre-program this. all the places where soldering is required are at the same height.

For this I would like to make a piece of script code that calculates the height itself. the person indicates point 1, 2, 3. these 3 different points are stored. the cobot corrects the 3 points itself so that it stops at the same height at every place. this way every point is the same distance from the component. 

hopefully it's clear what I mean

thank you in advance

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