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Dear DoF@Robotiq Community, 

I am trying to realize a UR10 CB3.1 robot-based Nailing process for the assembly of wooden frames.

Short description => A UR10 robot program is defined which makes use of the "Pallet" function supported by the Polyscope version 3.11 software. This defined UR10 robot program executes the robot to move inside the rubber rail (this rubber rail is placed on top of the wooden frame) and perform the nailing operation at 10 different nail positions depending upon the start position and end position taught by the human operator. To achieve this, i used the "Pallet" function for one single rail. 

Current situation => When i start the defined UR10 robot program, the robot moves inside the rubber rail and performs the nailing operation at 10 different nail positions including the taught start position and end position. After reaching the end position, the robot starts all over again from the start position. The UR10 robot program looks in the following way. 

     Loop 1 time
         Pattern: Line
           ApproachPoint_1        //Approach 17mm above the nail position
           PatternPoint_1           //Nail position
           Set DO[6]=ON
           Wait: 1.0
           Set DO[6]=OFF
           ExitPoint_1                //Exit position is the same as the approach point

Problem description => If i am not mistaken, the explanation provided in this particular discussion tells me that If I there is a loop before the pallet function, the robot will move from the Start_position to End_position plus 8 intermediate positions and should stay at End_position forever. However, in practice what's happening is the robot automatically loops over the Pallet sequence until the robot execution is stopped manually by the human operator. 

Can anyone of you suggest me if my understanding of the "Pallet" function and its usage is correct or not? 

Question => Can the same "Pallet" function with respect to the Line pattern be used for multiple line patterns in such a way that when the robot performs nailing operations at N different nail positions per single rubber rail and continue the nailing operations at N different nail positions for the next rubber rail ? If yes, can any one of you give me an example about how to program Multiple pallet sequencing operations with respect to multiple Line patterns? 

Thanks for your time and consideration. 

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,